Erasure: Iteration 5: Earth and Gravity

Earth is a place that is rich in biodiversity. Place where any living things inhabit. Assuming there were no earth, means there are no gravity force to pull us back and we’re hanging in the solar system. Gravity and earth is that luxury that we take for granted. The fact that it is always there and the fact that its never changes.  

In this experiment I imagine my self in a situation where there is no gravity in this earth and what would it feels like. To imagine this I decided to sign up for a anti-gravity yoga class, where I could feel how it feels like to not touching the ground and force myself to lift up.



This experiment has shows how it feels like to have no force of gravitation. to my experience having no gravitation is not as fun or simple as i thought. With no strong antibody or a fit body, we will feel sicks of it. thus having a gravitation is something we have to appreciate.

Further experiment is to erasing the earth itself from the space and the order of the planet


The erasure of the planet means the erasure of the human existence. Through these 5 iterations and experiments, takes me to a further understanding how we should appreciate and take care the free facilities that has given to us. All the natural source fire, wood, metal, water, earth, and gravity are all elements are linked together, thus we have to take care the balances of this sources. Having one of the elements unbalance can leads to a destruction of the earth.

Erasure: Iteration 4: Metal

Metal is influential in more elements of our lives than we are aware of. This material has been used across the globe for a variety usage and purpose due to its functionality, strength and other aspects. Mankind would not exist successfully today if it not because of the development of metal. Metal participates in the progression of infrastructure, economy, transportation, sustainability, entertainment, and so forth. Metal is the material that makes infrastructure, construction, and transportation possible. Without it there will be no cars, tall buildings, bridges and planes. Through this erasure experiment I will shows how is the life condition without being to use metal.

This is the video that inspired me, the imagination of what the world would be like if we erase metal.

After watching this, i started to wonder what would be the city without the buildings. These are the photos that i have taken from various scenery from the places that i visited, and i am trying to recreate the scenery where metal does not exist.

LA (erasure of Hollywood sign)

San Fransisco ( the erasure of the boats)

Sydney (erasure of Opera House and Harbour Bridge)

Through all the experiment, i have come to a realization, what if all of these elements has erased from our world. What earth would be like? and what if the earth does not exist, what are the human be as the earth also the source of our gravity force.

Erasure: Iteration 3: Fire

Human have been huddling around fire for thousand of years. Fire plays one of the most important roles in our daily life. The element of fire is a significant tool for humans that can be useful in a number of ways. Through the heat produced by fire it is our daily essentials. This experiment will show the impact of not having heat or erasure of heat in our daily life.

In this erasure of heat experiment, although the egg are cooked, but it is not meant to be eaten as the chemical are dangerous. There are indeed another way to change or replace the reaction of heat, but it cant change the fact that we cant live without heat. This experiment leads me to an idea what other elements that we cant live with.

Erasure: Iteration 2: Woods

Wood or plants is our one of our source of oxygen in this world. What happen if we erase the plants and woods in the world? That means the second largest contribution of oxygen is lost and the world are in a dangerous state. To imagine what it feels to have no plants around, first, we have to recreate a situation where there is no plants exists.

This time I am going to recreate a situation where oxygen doesn’t exist. By experimenting with a candle and try to make a mimic a situation where there is no oxygen.

with the non existence of the plants, means the source of the oxygen will be greatly reduced. Is has been shown that without oxygen even the fire couldn’t survive, means that our source of heat can be impacted. so, what would happen if  fire which is the source of heat are erased?

Erasure: Iteration 1: Water

Erasure means to remove, deconstruct, destruct something or an idea. Therefore, in this project I want to challenge myself to imagine something out of the box. By experiment erasing one of the 5 elements in this world, which are water, wood, fire, metal, and earth. They are the biggest elements contributes in this life. With erasing something, it raise a question in my head, can I live without one of this elements? So through this iterations I will experiments and shows how are living without one of these elements.

Water often viewed as the source of life itself. Interestingly, we are all made of water; about 70 percent of an adult’s body is made up of water. We can incorporate symbolism of circulation, life, cohesion and birth by associating the water of the earth.

Since 72 percent of the world are covered with water, I will experiment on how the earth going to look without a water by erasing the water itself from the earth surface and change it into a dry surface.


For further prove on the effect of erasing water from our life, I’m conducting an experiment where I put carrot and beansprout in two different places, the first one are covered with water and the second one without the water.


This is  the result after 24 hours, this prove how living things includes plants and humans cant survive without the presence of water. By viewing the outcomes of this experiment, it leads me thinking what if we don’t have enough water to survive? What happen to the living creature around us, such as the plants?

Random Generation Machine -Project 1

This is a trial and error idea for the project one. Amy and i came out with the idea of buying groceries in the supermarket nearby COFA, then try to look at the bar code number. First we thinking of put the bar code number into a GPS location, which doesn’t work too well. After a while we decided to put the first 10-digit number in the Google search to find a phone number and the address. We were not sure about this idea at first because all the number directed to other city such as Melbourne, Canberra and Perth. But at last, we found an address in Sydney in a chip’s bar code. This is a progress in our understanding in this project. Through this successful attempt we are pushed to think more of creative ideas for the random generation machine.  

The Final Artwork

Documentation #10

The Process

  • After i did my first experiment with the rope i feel that i need something more deep to portray relationship to be more meaningful. The idea of using clay is to portray how hard it is to built a relationship between the society such as trust, confidence and love towards friends and family. Its the same for me, it is hard for me to make a rope out of clay since I’m new to this media and it needs a lot of patience, effort and willingness.  Yet people are wasted this hardship that they have been built and sacrifice it for social image without thinking the long-term impact that they have made to the society, people around, and themselves.

Documentation #9

The idea - Divergent & Thinking through Media

& the Experiment

  • The rope symbolize our connectivity and relationship within the society, family, and friends
  • There are 3 stages for my work, the first stages (the strong rope) shows how strong our bond or relationship within the society around us where the technology have not yet become our main tool for communication and where direct communication are used a lot and appreciated. The second (the almost ripped rope) this stage shows the era where social media have started to take over our communication world. Third stages (the totally broken rope) shows how social media have totally take over our communication tools. our relationship with the society, family, and friends has further and broken and finally become second in our list and our image become the top list. this indicates the sign of egoism and self centered.

Documentation #8

Divergent & Thinking Through Media

  • For this assessment I decide to combine two concept which is divergent and thinking through media.By combining this two it reemphasize  the message that I want to deliver to the audience. Personally, I choose divergent for the social media, is because I want to warn the society not to rely on social media too much. Nowadays it seems we become ignorant and addicted to social media, without realizing what impact they made and to others. People tend not to make effort to directly socialize with the people outside the cyber world.